PRMC and DHIN Work Together to Remove State Line Barriers to Medical Records

PRMC and DHIN Work Together to Remove State Line Barriers to Medical Records

DOVER, DE – May 6, 2015 – While technology knows no bounds, the same could not always be said for important medical test results. Until very recently, Delaware residents being treated on the Maryland Eastern Shore did not have the benefit of having medical test results electronically delivered to their Delaware physicians and updated in the state’s community health record, the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN.)

The recent addition of the Eastern Shore’s largest hospital network – Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) based in Salisbury, Maryland – to the system provides for an even more complete community health record for Delawareans.

When fully online later this year, laboratory, pathology and radiology test results as well as the transcription summaries of thousands of Delawareans who seek care at PRMC will be delivered and accessed through DHIN.

In addition to the flow of information, PRMC doctors and medical practices are being trained on how to use DHIN so they can not only update but have access to previous test results conducted by other hospitals and facilities, dating as far back as 2007.

PRMC is the largest Maryland hospital to join DHIN, continuing the momentum begun in 2013 when Atlantic General Hospital in Berlin, MD came aboard and expanding earlier this spring when Union Hospital came onboard. DHIN was the first statewide health information exchange to launch in the United States (May, 2007) and is considered among the nation’s most mature.


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  • “The Medication History service offered through DHIN is valuable to us for tracking medication adherence.  As a pharmacist for the CCHS Kidney Transplant Program, it is sometimes difficult to get quantifiable medication adherence data.  DHIN's medication history showed us actual prescription fill history from a national database, which gives us a snapshot into patient compliance especially after a kidney transplant.  It saves me a lot of time vs. trying to call individual pharmacies to get this information.  I can just log onto the DHIN portal and retrieve medication history on the patient.”

  • “The information on DHIN is so helpful to our practice.  We have patients come into the office that can't remember where they had lab or radiology work done.  Utilizing the DHIN system, we log onto DHIN, type in the patient's name and we can see where the patient had reports done.  It really does help us from having to call around and track down that information.” 

    Debbie McGinnes
    Bijan Sorouri, M.D., PA

  • “I wish we would have been on DHIN from the beginning! It’s really simplified things – before, we would be on and off the phone all day with the hospitals trying to get results, and we had so much trouble getting all the information we needed.  Being the nurse manager, I get so tied up during the day, so DHIN has made my life so much easier.”

    Melissa Salazar
    Nurse Manager

    Sunshine Health Professionals

  • “We totally love DHIN! It is such a time saver and I can get ACCURATE information, as opposed to getting a nurse at the hospital who may not have the time for me.  Sometimes it even saves me from going to the hospital to see the patient, and it saves the resident from getting unnecessary labs if they have already had them done in the hospital. We LOVE DHIN!!! Use it almost daily!”

    Zandra Sauers, RN
    Resident Care Director

    Emeritus at Dover

  •  “Using DHIN is easier than having to call around to different doctors and practices for results. We go through our patient list every day to see if we “DHIN’ed” everyone before they come in for a visit. I don’t know what we would do without DHIN.”

    Sharon Royston, Practice Administrator
    Delaware Cardiovascular Associates,

  • “In primary care, we are overloaded with faxes and paperwork.  I am a solo internist and since I started using DHIN recently I feel that I am better organized and have more time to spend with patients, having their labs and test results at my fingertips.  The technical support that I have received from DHIN so far has been exceptional and my office staff training went smoothly. The DHIN website is user friendly and we were up and running in no time. So I’m telling my colleagues, “Let’s DHIN” and be done with paper!”’

    Dr. Darius Sypek, PA
    Delmar Medical Center

  • “DHIN has been a great partner in our on-going fight against cancer.  The information on DHIN supports the collective effort for finding better ways to diagnose and treat the various cancers, thus improving survival outcomes. DHIN has helped fill in the diagnostic, treatment, and follow up gaps in order to present a complete picture of the patients’ clinical cancer journeys, which in turn, furthers the war on cancer.”

    Mary Sorrell, CTR
    Cancer Registry Coordinator

    Union Hospital of Cecil County

  • “Using the DHIN, I can now search easily for missing discharge summaries, hospital admission notes, labs and x-rays without picking up the phone.  I find it so much easier to get information that used to take so much effort and time to retrieve.  This was too long coming.”

    Dr. Marc Grobman
    Private Practice

  • “Delaware patients and providers are lucky to have DHIN.  The operational efficiencies created by the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) are truly unparalleled.  Where else can you go for one stop shopping for all of your patient’s test results and reports?  DHIN is a must have for managers looking to create operational efficiency in private practice.”

    Joshua D. Vaught
    Chief Executive Officer

    Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists

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